Tartilicious 2.0

Tartilicious 2.0

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We’re bringing it back! Tartilicious 2.0!!

Introducing 6 x NEW variety of flavours just for you.

Artfully crafted, buttery, firm and crumbly tartes with fillings that will awaken all your taste buds!

  1. Mango Cheese (limited time only) Fresh and juicy Mango “Flower” sitting on a bed of creamy cheese filling on a crumbly base, a decadent looking dessert that tastes even better than it looks. Don’t miss out on this limited time dessert.
  2. Strawberry Cheese Glazed Fresh Strawberries stacked on a bed of creamy cheese filling nestled in crumbly tart, sweet and tangy flavour that blends extremely well with the creaminess,hmmmmmm……
  3. Dark Chocolate Rich and moist Chocolate Ganache with a luxuriously indulgent dark chocolate crème. The chocolaty taste will linger after you finish your last bite!
  4. Miss Snow White Fragrant candied coconut shavings dusted on our creation of “ooey gooey” Gula Melaka nestled in crumbly tart. A unique and delicate take on Onde-onde, flavourful & memorable texture that you wouldn’t want to miss!
  5. Peach Custard Glazed Peach creme topped with Almond flakes encompassing a fluffy and creamy custard curd! The combination of this peachy dessert with the creamy taste of custard brings out a delicate, light and enjoyable taste.
  6. Matcha Custard Uji Matchaganache on a bed of silky smooth delicious green tea custard filling. Creamy, smooth and earthy Matcha filling on every single bite!


  • RM 118 / set including delivery within Klang Valley (15km) only
  • Product : 6 x Tarts
  • Flavours:
    - Mango Cheese
    - Peach Custard
    - Miss Snow White
    - Dark Chocolate
    - Matcha Custard
    - Strawberry Cheese
  • Keep products chilled at all times
  • Best to consume within 3 days
  • Pre-order: 3 days in advance
  • Delivery Date: From 7th October 2022 onwards; subject to availability (while stockslasts)

Delivery Radius limit : 15km. If the delivery radius exceeds 15km, customers will need to top up an Additional RM 15 for Delivery charges.

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We will not take any responsibility for the item's condition once the item is left at the consented/requested place.

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