Bunny Bites Bunny Bites

Bunny Bites


Celebrate the Year of the Bunny with a pair of [B]unny [B]ites. Consisting of two scrumptious flavours - cranberry Oatmeal cookies and chocolate Almond cookies. They're great for house visit gifting,..

Prosperity Choux Tower Prosperity Choux Tower

Prosperity Choux Tower


As the Chinese New Year is coming 兔 (tu) us soon, a symbolic dessert is the icong on the cake to celebrate the occasion along with everything else! That's what our Prosperity Choux Tower is for you! M..

The Auspicious 8! The Auspicious 8!

The Auspicious 8!


In Chinese culture, the number [8] symbolizes wealth and prosperity, celebrate the auspicious occasion with a box Auspicious 8! We wish that it brings you an abundance of wealth, as well as a smile on..

Tartilicious 2.0 Tartilicious 2.0

Tartilicious 2.0


We’re bringing it back! Tartilicious 2.0!! Introducing 6 x NEW variety of flavours just for you. Artfully crafted, buttery, firm and crumbly tartes with fillings that will awaken all your taste buds..

5 in 1 Petit Gâteau Gift Pack 5 in 1 Petit Gâteau Gift Pack

5 in 1 Petit Gâteau Gift Pack


Cute and adorable 5 in 1 Christmas themed Petit Gâteau Gift pack that will surely put a delighted smile on your face!️ Pictures will be taken non-stop in awe and these will be too cute to eat! Ho… H..

Christmas Choux Tree

Christmas Choux Tree


There's nothing better than a having a Christmas Tree for Christmas, especially when it comes in a form of a Choux Tower! Fitting for the Season of Joy, this Jolly Christmas themed Choux Tower comes ..

Frankiestein’s Tower

Frankiestein’s Tower


With Halloween around the corner, Frankiestein wants in on the scare as well! Trick or treat yourself or someone else with Frankiestein Choux Tower! A mini choux tower with Blueberry + Vanilla filli..

Fun Chocolate Cookie Sticks

Fun Chocolate Cookie Sticks


Fun, adorable and cute Chocolate Stick is the perfect festive treat for the special occasion. And what’s better than one type of Chocolate sticks? FOUR! Of course! These Fun Chocolate Cookie Sticks c..

Rudolph’s Surprise Box

Rudolph’s Surprise Box


Christmas is a season of Gifts and Presents, filled with joy and an abundance of laughter. Rudolph has a box of pleasant surprises for you or to give as a gift! What’s in it for you? 1 x Cra..

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